The Vision
  • 01.
    Experiential Lobby Sets the Tone

    High Alpha’s core business is launching new companies. Their space reflects this as visitors walk through the front door. Theatrical lighting and audio gives the lobby the look and feel of boarding a jet getting ready to take off.

  • 02.
    Video Wall to Zoom Room

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, in-person events moved into a virtual space. High Alpha’s annual Sprint Week combined a 3×3 8K Video Wall and live stream technology to create the world’s largest Zoom Room.

  • 03.
    Live Stream Capabilities

    We installed a 4K live streaming, switching and recording system capable of broadcasting over multiple platforms and mediums in real time. This solution eliminated the need to hire film crews, capture audio and visual components separately, and combine them in post-production before uploading to streaming services.

  • 8,000


    That's the screen resolution in the High Alpha Zoom Room. It gives maximum visual clarity for video conferencing.

  • 40,000

    square feet

    High Alpha's Venture Studio size

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