• From the time Bendix selected PSG as our renewable energy partner for our Huntington, IN solar array project, they have worked hard to ensure the designed system would meet our business objectives. The team members assigned to our installation have done a professional job of keeping us well informed as they navigated through several unexpected project challenges. We continue to be impressed with the level of service we have received as our project nears completion. Very happy we chose PSG Energy Group.

    Bill Schubert
    Bill Schubert

    Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems, Corporate Manager, Environmental and Sustainability

  • In 2017, Tri-Central Community Schools was looking for options to reduce the cost of electricity across the Corporation.  We were proud to select PSG Energy Group as our partner when seeking out a solar contractor. 

    Over the course of the project, the professional relationship between PSG Energy Group and our school corporation has been easy to maintain.  Even years after the project, we continue to keep open lines of communication with PSG Energy Group and quickly get resolution to any outstanding questions or service issues.  

    We are proud of our solar field.  I recommend partnering with PSG Energy Group if you are considering offsetting the electricity cost in your community with solar.

    Dave Driggs
    Dave Driggs

    Superintendent, Tri-Central Community Schools, Sharpsville, IN

  • As egg farmers, we didn’t fully understand solar power, but could see its potential to offset rising energy costs and reduce carbon emissions. We found out generating, using, and getting the most value out of solar power requires the coordination of many parties, including engineers, utilities, regulators, and system owners. PSG’s team went beyond our expectations to satisfy these stakeholders and help us understand this valuable resource. Thanks to their work, we now have a solar energy system with an excellent ROI that we can count on for many years of clean power.

    Dan Krouse
    Dan Krouse

    VP of Operations, MPS Egg Farms, North Manchester, IN

  • The Brown County Public Library worked with PSG to install a carport style solar array system that will help us offset more than 90% of our electrical costs. I have found Jennifer Mrzlack and her team to be extremely easy to work with. Their level of professionalism, expertise, and responsiveness are unparalleled. I have every confidence in their ability to provide any organization with exceptional service every step of the way, from feasibility study through construction.

    I highly recommend Envelop Group, and PSG specifically, for anyone looking for a trusted guide through the solar maze. I have every confidence that PSG will go above and beyond your expectations.

    Stori Snyder,
    Stori Snyder,

    Director, Brown County Public Library

Renewable Energy Goals
  • 01.
    Environmental Leadership

    Solar energy leaders show their community, customers, and partners their commitment to the environment by using clean renewable energy.

  • 02.
    Reduce Energy Costs

    Solar energy provides strong returns on investment, reducing your electricity bill and tax obligations while protecting you against rising utility rates.

  • 03.
    Decrease Carbon Emissions

    Solar energy generation produces no onsite carbon emissions and dramatically reduces organizations carbon emissions.

Industry Involvement

PSG Energy Group is active in the development of the renewable energy industry, supporting initiatives at the state, regional, and federal level.

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